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Norinco NZ-75


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Norinco 9mm

Norinco 9mm caliber handguns is the main Norinco, and more than half of the products manufactured by the company. Norinco you can buy at the store. The company specializes on release of copies fire handguns. Model 75NZ the improved variant of a pistol from CZ series. Except this model, the company and let out earlier, good and the improved versions of the weapon developed on the basis of the well-known originals of various armorers. More often, these models were made in export and commercial objectives. In the beginning 1950-1960, copies under the license Soviet handguns were made. They have been named type 51, type 54. These are workings out on the basis of Tokarev TT. The Chinese version Makarov, has received new name Type 59. After 1960, the People’s Republic of China the beginnings actively to develop own workings out of the weapon. In parallel it, workings out and manufacture of copies gun foreign samples proceeded. Company Norinc in a short space of time, became known in many countries of the world because possessed huge assortment made handguns. Since 1986 active export deliveries are conducted. The wide assortment of production became sensation in the European market at the international exhibition of the weapon in 1988-1990: Norinco 1911 Government, NZ75/85b, NP22, NP34, PPN, NP18/38.

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